Oh, for Kink’s Sake! (hopefully a series I’ll keep going)

Porn: Anchorman XXX
Source: piratebay

This is my first movie/tv show parody porn! I’m so excited! 🙂 It’s also my first porn review in Denver-nice to feel like I can be comfortable to do the same writing plans I’d had lined up for PR.

Still exploring this kink that many people love across America; the porno. I haven’t made much progress recently, as I’ve been away from my keyboard traveling. (The daring tales of which will be explained through the rest of my blog/site. over the next month or so!)

I want this porn done with the original Anchorman cast-now THAT would be funny. But I’m thinking this should be more sexy….6 min and 40 secs in, no sexy. Or any amount of sexy. I don’t know if they even understood the comedy of Anchorman, let alone the porn potentials therein….

I do love the porn potentials in those awfully wonderful Will Ferrell buddy flicks. Ricky Bobby and Susan, making animal noises with White Snake blasting…tell me that wouldn’t rock your socks. lol

Twelve minutes in, someone might finally get naked. Nope…delay for unworthy joke. Ok….now it’s getting weird for me…..maybe that’s abuse? Or just the lack of exposure to porn in general? Or maybe I just don’t think Veronica Corningstone would be so passe when she dictated her instructions for cunnilingus. But looking away, and imagining I’m at my NOLA kink club, it’s sexier. Watching it via screen, trying to believe the flat characters and passive tones in their voices….that doesn’t do anything for me.

If it were friends of mine/actually people in my world, it’d be different. I’d know that despite this fun game of pretend, they are real people. They have real relationships, real problems, issues with money, family, self-esteem, etc. They’d have to be so much stronger than even they are aware of…to maintain life, function enough to have trusted friends, then create a fantasy, maintain that fantasy, keep functioning at “normal”, keep playing with your own fantasies, keep switching, keep balancing-THAT is hot. That these releases of play and consensual, planned, and pre-discussed passion can build, raise, purify, intensify, and restore our appreciation for humanity. Seeing life happen, seeing people create their own releases that bleed over into unusual expressions-that is hot. And porn-porn doesn’t show that.

Maybe it’s just in my head, though…maybe other people see porn in a whole different light. I might just be missing the forest for the trees. I do that kind of a lot… This is also my first non-animated male-female porn. It’s always harder for me with real people, where the people look old enough to be able to have hurt me when I was younger. And now I know my abuse is showing-blechk. That is a mood killer, every time. Ah, the many issues through which one must lube before mentally-sound masturbation can be had in this brain! I swear-it’s like watching The Avengers without checking out Scarlett Johansson’s ass. I can never watch that movie without at least clocking it twice. And normally, I find myself getting bored with the dialog because her ass it’s on screen at least once per viewing. But thinking of the Black Widow costume on Scarlett has made me feel able to contemplate sex again somewhere in my future. Back to porn classes.

25 minutes in now, and she hasn’t orgasmed at all. Or at least not very loudly, cause I haven’t worried about my roomies hearing the noise at all since I’ve been watching. Either he’s bad at this, or they should try more foreplay, I feel…but I am among the women who can and do orgasm frequently. I need to go back to those vlogs on female masturbation…I think there is a real audience for women, especially rape/abuse survivors to learn how to pleasure themselves. It doesn’t have to be pornographic in any way; in fact, it shouldn’t be. I’m think Laci Green with more hands-on, DIY type steps. But still settling into Denver. Getting all my projects back up-and-going will take a few months, I think. Sadly.

Ok, this thing is 2 hours long. Around 30 minutes was my limit. More kink exploration and blogging soon! Be sure to follow me on (insert social media on which you’re reading this), and check out my site. It’s always evolving, and parts are always kinda outdated, but I’m hoping after another 6-8 months of fleshing out, it won’t be boring…lol.


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