Trauma Tuesdays on Twitter!

Being myself, I’ve always taken to a few innate coping skills, two of them being humor and minimization. (It has yielded complete weirdness as a side effect.) These have been handed down to me faithfully from my family, honed by similar survivors. 

You know who we are.

We’ve been beaten, raped, molested, tortured (in the least fun ways) and so on, over the course of our adaptive lives. Even as children we discussed and developed these future talents. It is a millennial trait that many share. 

This morning a friend of mine commented on my lack of out-and-aboutness, and asked me how I’ve been lately. I responded, “Life has been rough. No job still, pet died, depressed. Working hard at fixing things though”. 

It made me stop and think, after reading the kind response I received, about how I came across. Short, possibly. Optimistic, I think. Concise. Honest. Hopeful and dedicated, I hope. Accurate. I do enjoy sounding accurate. It was a statement of fewer than 140 characters, and it covered my last few weeks.

I think of Scott Farrin, of his class as a freshman in basic English. He had us write about Die Hard, which is something I still admire and share. But in this instance I remember a non-specific class, a basic lecture he was giving on what I later knew to be purple prose. I remember writing a paragraph in class, then going back through it and cutting over half the material, then being told to re-write it again, making new observations and descriptive notes. Lather, rinse, repeat. It baffled me to have a teacher show me to trash my own work like that, but over time I saw the intention bloom into better writing on my part. I think of it along the lines of Faulkner’s darlings now, and seek out such opportunities. If you’re a GOT fan, you also do this, although maybe you didn’t know it before now.

Twitter could be a wonderful way to exercise your demons-or darlings? Whatever-I have both. Adding that to my morbid humor and urge to host trauma drinking games, I have developed an idea. (The most dangerous thing anyone could do, really.) I’m going to do this while playing with several forms of writing. My goal is to present poems, short stories, reviews, and other such material in a way that comments on healing. I attempted this around Feb of this year with my Twitter poem. I had a difficult time finishing the posts, but in a good-for-me sort of way. Very ‘yoga for the soul’ sort of stretches, if that makes any sense. But then life rapidly got in the way, as it so often does, and I stalled out my stories again. 

I’ve revamped my angle of approach in order to keep writing. I’m channeling all my SARK powers to write everyday. On Tuesdays I’ll be writing on Twitter. I’m not very Twitter friendly yet, so that alone will be interesting. 🙂 This will allow me a chance to be speaking in a way that can be heard, without pushing for extreme listening. I have no idea what might churn out of this. I am hoping, as I do with all writing exercises, that it will spark a creative downpour and I may float on the stocked pond of fresh ideas for weeks at a time. If nothing else, it will make sure friends and family know I’m still out there, pushing my boulder up that damn hill. And I love the practice it gives me to cut down my normally wordy words. 

So, follow me on Twitter, I guess. 🙂 

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