Sickness leads to Sleep

I’ve been sleeping more this last week than I have in the last three combined. I got some sort of bug and have been mostly unconscious since Wednesday night. Life, as usual, has continued its stream-like current around the rock I became. One of my trusted companions makes a journey to the far east tonight. Another friend is still in the land of his ancestors (recent ancestors), and still another plans to visit the Mile High City just next weekend. Life moves around swiftly and without regard to the state of my stomach. A quiet reminder that without the effort to take part, life will pass me by. Thankfully, that is not the norm. 

My new job is harder than I thought it would be, in ways I did not expect. I hope I can rise to this challenge. 

A new book arrived for me this week in the mail. I think it’s from my aunt for my birthday, but there wasn’t a note. It’s kinda exciting to think of some magical book fairy, delivering the third in a series I’ve been following right to my front door. Last week my friend Lyon talked me into this for my next bedtime book, but I’m still perfuming with Mr. Robbins. It’s wonderful to have books around, and my new friends Lo and Celia have been keeping me company between sick naps. I think there should be magical book fairies…

Being sick has made me meld deeper within. Those who know me (intimately, in an emotional sort of way) from NOLA know that I can get distant within my own head…I start to lose intracommunication, and lose my grip on the world around me. As a trusted ally put it tonight, I’m a more “powerful” engine, but more effort to maintain. True dat. I am a pain in the ass to maintain. But being sick has given me hours to rest and think, sleep and collect, detox and defuse. It’s been good.

A pilgrimage back home to my cresent city is being planned for mid October. I am starting to get really excited…I want Cane’s with Josh. lol And sangria with Gary, and wine with Tina. Do all folks from NOLA have such food/drink based associations with happiness? Or is it just me? 

I’m trying to stay up so I can stay up for my last weekend at OSF tomorrow and Sunday. I’ve been going to bed from 3-8pm every day, only to wake and go back to bed at 9pm or so. Today I tried to stay up more, although I did fall asleep in the afternoon. My body hasn’t quit on me yet, but it seems to be weighing the option.

Love baffles me. I would’ve guessed that an emotion I feel in so many ways towards so many people would be easier to understand, but I’d be wrong. Love that is non-sexual is the most confusing to me, but that’s probably my trauma showing. When sexual activity is introduced so young in someone’s life, it’s gotta taint everything, don’t you think? It frames the rest of love, in a distorted, confused light. It leaves me lagging behind my peers. Many thanks to all those who put up with my journey and the winding road I travel.

If you haven’t seen The Lego Movie, I highly recommend it. I wanna grow up and be Benny and Unikitty, combined. Or I just make spaceships-whichever is easier. And at one hour and 16 minutes in, I will sail through all worlds and dimensions, and fulfill my destiny. Right after another night of sleep, please. Just a few more minutes…



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