They’re making sure the radiators work tomorrow at my apartment.

I am interested to see how radiators work. I saw some at the tour I went on last year in Rhode Island. They melt anything they touch, or so I’ve been warned. People say the winter is gonna be a cold one. 

Been re-watching American Horror Story: Coven in anticipation of their next season. The images of home comfort me, like they did last year, watching late at night on Charlie’s couch, before Steve and I broke up. I would watch Fiona Good lead a row of black-clad twenty-somethings down Toulouse, and line up behind Queenie. I am building my tribe. I wonder if it’s not a krewe of Axe-Men, which is less body spray themed than you’d think. Also, I love the incest and Jesus themes. Both issues I’ve faced, in vastly different ways, but nonetheless, I relate. Even in the extremes, I can see my reflection. Isn’t that the meaning of good storytelling?

I have two interviews lined up for this week. Things might just be ok. Either of those jobs will require me to get more work clothes. Jeans won’t cut it. 

I got a postcard in the mail from a friend. It was awesome to get mail that just meant to uplift me. I am consistently reminded that I’m not alone. Tiny whispers rain down softly on my hair, causing curls to form. You are loved. You are loved. You are loved. 

Tonight I was invited to go to the movies with a group of folks. I haven’t gone out with a group in weeks, since I left Old Spag. I’m nervicited. I always worry I’ll make a bad impression-I am so much better later on, not at the first. Hopefully it’ll balance out. 

I finished Fathomless and am trying to forget that I’m landlocked. The Pacific is as far as home, just in another direction. The mountains lift me higher, and there are streams that trickle down to keep us all saturated. I saw a waterfall recently. The nature here is close, and gripping, and more wet than I’d thought it would be. I still need bathtub soaks, but no more than I needed in the swamp, where water sits for weeks. I wonder how my astrology friends would explain a fire sign needing so much water…

The leaves are supposed to start changing and falling. I miss last summer more than this summer, but mostly I’m ready for tomorrow. I want to figure out what to do next, and only tomorrow knows. But I’m still on today. And today is pretty good. I got to talk to Stephie, I got opportunities to make an income come in again, and smashing awaits. Steve actually thinks his Mario can beat my Link. I wish Max were closer. 


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