Cramps Still Keeping Me Awake

I am having the worst period I’ve ever had. Ever. It’s amazing how much pain I’m in, and I’ve tried sex, masturbating, pills, heat, cold, yoga, sleeping, smoking, and drinking. I’ve been all but incapable of functioning for almost 5 days. I’ve never felt so annoyed at my body. When I was pregnant, at least I understood the reasons my body freaked the fuck out. I’ve had periods for years, and never has it been like this. If I have to lay out on the bed/couch much longer, I’m going to lose what little grasp of sanity I have left to me.

The fact that I haven’t slept for more than three hours at a time is not helping. I am more than slightly whiny. I keep waking up in pain! UGH!

I have cancelled nearly every plan I had this week. I am not only pathetic physically, but I’m queen of the flakes. Not in a fun Frozen themed sorta way.

On an unrelated topic, satsumas are in season, which makes me happy. Not as much as cramps make me bitchy, but nearly as much. I have eaten 6 already tonight. It makes me miss Aunt J and my grandparents.

The dog that followed me home years ago, in jr high, died some weeks ago. My grandpa wouldn’t stop crying for days, so they got him a puppy. A yorkie named Katie. All the pets from my childhood have passed away. I miss my gerbil.

I sit or position in just the right way, and I lose the pain, and then start to drift off to sleep, and then BAM. No sleep for you! Only cramps of death!

I hate my stupid ovaries.

Mockingjay and the last Hobbit movies are coming out soon. I’m still thinking of Interstellar at night. I’m gonna have to see that one again when it’s on DVD…it’s stuck in my mind.

I started a new book, recommended by a new friend. Also reading the latest Ender book. I sure as hell haven’t been working on anything but expanding my ass the last week, might as well be watching movies and reading. Also, I saw Soylent Green! I knew the catch before I saw it, but what no one seems to discuss is the role of women in the film. I’d love to see a feminist class take it apart…

Ok, pains have ebbed for the moment. I’m dashing off to bed, where I hope to find many sleeps and not wake up until well after the sun has risen. I wish you all peaceful organs and deep rest.


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