I’ve been sick since Xmas, and now have only two days left in 2014 (GOT spoilers, if you haven’t seen season 4)

Thankfully, there is plenty of snow. If I can make a snowman in the next couple days, I will have met all my goals for 2014. I would have done it over the long weekend, but I have been unconscious for nearly 3 days straight. Today was the first time I’ve had food since the 26th. I haven’t been really sick since last winter, probably, and it sucks. It’s finally starting to feel better, but mostly in that I-can-no-longer-sleep-but-still-feel-like-shit sorta way. :-/

I feel very Fight Club about this, but I kinda dislike re-purchasing things every 5-8 years. Katrina wiped me out, and then Puerto Rico purged me a second time of most of my belongings. I never thought I’d need to buy tweezers twice in a decade. I am Jack’s minor twinge of regret.

My Ma-Ma is in the hospital with a blood clot in her lungs. She’s survived blood clots before, but those were in her legs, and other less crucial areas. I hope she makes it home, although I know she misses Pa-Pa desperately…age is funny. Death even more so.

I miss my Pa-Pa, too. I saw a picture of my siblings over the holiday, posed in front of the Crescent City Connection, and immediately thought, “There’s Allison, Alex, and Pa-Pa.” He’s Old Man River in my mind now, I suppose. I think that idea would’ve made him smile.

I lost a couple days a couple weeks ago. I’m still catching up, and being sick has set me back and sped me up in that process. I also got a new gig waiting tables at a sushi joint. New things and old things combine and make me rethink boundaries. I have some folks to contact and some things to try. I am thankful for friends who think me brave. Really, that’s the only reason I am brave; others have got me convinced that I am.

Over the last few days I’ve been rewatching the last five episodes of Game of Thrones in snatches of 15-minutes. Season five can’t start soon enough. But those undead skeletons…that is a bit much. I don’t think they should’ve sprung new magical evil on us four seasons in…it makes me worry they’re just gonna start making shit up now…

I have been inhaling Vicks so frequently that I can no longer tell what oxygen smells like. But really, all the air in my neighborhood is around four degrees, so I probably don’t want to be sniffing it anyways.

I received an amazing amount of presents this year, including money for new shoes, badass colored pencils, and a wireless card for my desktop. I am feeling fortunate and happy.

Someone I love suffers, and I am largely unable to help him. I give it lots of thought, but I haven’t found any way to solve or aid anything. I wish it was the thought that counted. Oh, how many problems would then be solved, if it was the thought that counted.

The Lannister Lovers are gonna run King’s Landing. The whole of Westeros in their hands, and Stanis, the only likely opposition, left battling (maybe?) the Wildlings at the Wall. The Mother of Dragons, as much as I love her, is in no position right now to be taking any city. But really, more pressingly, where is Tyrion going? And what will happen to Aria? And do we ever see Gendry or Rickon again, or are their storylines finished? I’m pretty sure Bran is gonna Warg the dragons… It’s probably impossible, but I’d also like to see Grey Worm and what’s-her-name hook up; the right-hand woman to the Kalessi. I just love this show…I can’t wait til it’s done, and then I will read the books, and get it enjoy it in a whole new medium.

I’ve discovered this to be the most satisfying way to enjoy a book-to-film/TV adaptation so far. I’m watching the abridged version first, which would be the TV show. Then after I’ve enjoyed the skimmed surface, I can go back and study the depths. Reading Harry Potter before the movies left the movies wanting. Reading and watching Walking Dead at the same time left me way burnt out. This seems to be the best method.

I am so tired, and I cannot get sleep to take me under her wing.

Today I drank nearly a gallon of orange juice.

Matt’s alarm will go off in less than three hours. Mine doesn’t go off for about 6-7 hours. I hope I can get some good rest between now and then. I can’t miss work tomorrow. It’s a new job, and I took today off already. Granted, I was pretty damn contagious and I do work with food, but still. I need to be working.

I’m gonna need to look at my week. I’ve been too crowded, and while I am thankful for the holiday I had, now I need some space to myself for a few nights. Get back on the same page as myself. And see some friends-I haven’t seen New Nathan in too long, and I haven’t seen Ian in weeks. I did get to see Ave, but we went a few weeks there, too. I think Jordyn’s bday is this weekend, and there’s a party I’m supposed to make it to on Saturday night. I didn’t talk to Matt about that yet. I haven’t done anything before about 4pm today. I should make a to-do list…

But now, rest. More Vicks applied to my chest and under my nose, snuggled down into clean sheets, and thoughts of deep, restful, sleep. Morning will be here all too soon.

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