My Mind, and the Fucks it Gives

I binged on Game of Thrones: Asia recently. It’s a damn good show. Beautiful to watch. Now I need a new Lisa See book.

Several hours were lost today. All weekend I had nightmares. I managed to sleep, just not rest. I am hoping it has to do with my immune system being down recently, or due to the weather changing so much day to day…I dunno. Maybe just nightmares for a spell this month. Truthfully, I’m spoiled by all the days of peace. I used to manage far worse mentally, now I’ve gotten soft and lazy. With rough nights ahead, I’m grateful for the city where I lay my head. I’ll just breathe in rest, slowly, with fire.

My waiting week starts tomorrow. I’m still enjoying the experience. I even tried a chicken roll last week. It was tempura chicken, asparagus and cream cheese wrapped in soy paper. It was odd and the rice was chewy, but I liked it. The cream cheese was weird. It’s in lots of rolls though, so it must be popular. Overall, I’m having a good time.

The culture is different. The joint is owned by a couple of immigrants, and most of the staff are recently from China. The owners’ kids just came over last year. Few people speak English, and only two waitresses speak it well. It’s fascinating, as I’ve never really been around Chinese culture. I never took world history in high school or college, and so other than Mulan, I got jack to go on. It’s not like we’re insanely different, but it’s the same type of culture shock I experienced moving to the south; what I’m sure folks moving to southern California might experience. Just enough to be fascinating and fun to discuss.

The staff meals are hilarious. Half the time they can’t pronounce it in English, or don’t know the exact translation, so it’s maybe pork? It’s great. I think back to my first time trying hot sausage at SYC, and try to stay adventurous. I did turn down some strange meat that was shaped like ribbons and smelled loud, but the veggies are always different and tasty. I miss Vilma and the amazing meals she made.

I feel like I’ve spent all day climbing up a mountain, only to discover it was a foothill leading to the greater challenge. I nap and wake exhausted from battling in my sleep. I listen to Matt snore the snore of a Great Kahn, and wonder how he nestles into unconsciousness so freely. I don’t know if I envy the condition, because I get tons done while I’m up all night, but it does seem curious…might be fun for a spell, to test it out.

I miss friends and fun, casual hangouts. I’m in need of being productive. Maybe friends this Thursday-Friday. Gotta stay stable and productive until then. Which means sleeping tonight. Or at least trying.

Lyra returned home last week, and now I’m without a bedtime story. I used Marco Polo for a week, but now I’m out again. I borrowed a new Tom Robbins recently, and Matt said he has book two in the Dune series. I also could finish Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, but it’s a purse book. I need a bedtime story.

Routines are helping me: writing and stretching in the morning. Soaking and writing before bed. Light snacks and extra water. Deep breaths. And wearing my necklace a lot more.


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