I should be sleeping, but GoT.

It’s not like I’ve seen season one a dozen times, but it might end differently this time, so I’d better watch. And I can’t sleep. My brain has thoughts, and none of them favor soft sheets and steady snoring. Since I am stuck awake, at least GoT can comfort me.

I’m writing haikus at work occasionally. There is less opportunity than at Old Spag, but when the chance arises, I rise to the challenge.

Tonight I wrote a three page letter to Maddie. I’m excited to be back in touch with her. Ma-Ma got moved to a regular hospital room and is doing much better-more good news from home. 🙂

My body recovers slowly from being sick last week. Small issues linger, leaving me drained but awake. Actually, I bet my body would sleep…my head just won’t shut up. I have so much to process, and sleep is wasteful. But I can’t process well without rest. And I’m working til Wed…I want to be social this weekend, and have made plans already to do so. I can’t allow social fun plans to become pressure that erases time…I’m grounding into moments and breathing through the panic, and doing well. Food and I are fighting, but it’s an old battle that ends quickly.

I think a drinking game could be devised for GoT where you have to drink if at least two main speakers in a scene are now dead (now being as of the end of season four). But you’d be so wasted that it might not work.

Maybe sleep lies hidden in my bathtub…


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