Mile High Movies: Women Aren’t Funny (2014) by Bonnie MacFarlene (spoilers!)

This “comedy documentary” was not funny, and was depressingly representative of how much respect goes into taking women seriously.

I wanted this to be funny, and parts of it were, but in pathetic ways. Like how the dofus husband proved Sarah Silverman’s point in real time. Mostly I was embarrassed and sad. The primary cause was the sadly realistic portrayal of the “common man” by her husband. On the other hand, his behavior is rewarded by being treated as a running joke and he’s given more and more air time. Even during the end credits he’s told he won’t be put on screen, but that very moment is being played on screen. It doesn’t strike me as ironic or funny, but makes me question the point of the entire project. The poster I found (used as the featured image) also made me question who was doing what in this documentary, and why.

My biggest points of sadness: Bonnie’s lack of research (one interviewee points out that she is doing the documentary and should know her shit), her criticism of other female comics as a joke (phone scene to do with Better Lady Comics), and her pantsless scenes in the field of confusion, apparently on the side of a busy road. Because nothing screams equality like sexualizing your body during afternoon traffic.

Bonnie’s breakdown as fake comic Barney Mac almost had me crying. Her routine is not funny, which is the reason no one laughed. But then she loses all motivation for the documentary, the quest behind the film, and states that she only cares if her husband thinks she is funny. Kisses make it all better in this shallow portrayal of women throwing all aside for the approval of the husband figure who generally treats her like shit. I wanted to have a long line of funny women shake some sense into Bonnie. I would’ve loved to have seen her pick herself up, show the strength and drive that women have for their goals, or even see her rely on other women who understand the struggle from personal experience.

In the end, we see Bonnie give up and then restart her comic career after about 2 minutes of tongue-in-cheek attitude about being a stay-at-home mom. While she has a new hairstyle, she seems to have learned nothing and gained no inner confidence. She is talking herself down in the wings, saying things like, “I’ve never been molested, I’m not fat…” as reasons that she won’t perform well. I can tell you, as someone who has been both fat and molested, it doesn’t make you automatically funny. What the actual fuck?

In the end, I find Bonnie’s husband frightening, her kid funnier than she is, and the entire 79 minutes to be a disappointing use of my time. At least I wrote a review about it, so it wasn’t a complete waste.

Women (in Hollywood) I Find Funny:

  • -Lily Tomlin
  • -Bette Midler
  • -Wanda Sykes
  • -Ellen DeGeneres
  • -Sandra Bullock
  • -Kristen Wiig
  • -Tina Fey
  • -Jane Fonda
  • -Charlize Theron
  • -Jennifer Aniston
  • -Aubrey Plaza
  • -Sarah Silverman
  • -Samantha Bee
  • -Jessica Williams
  • -Drew Barrymore
  • -Julie Andrews
  • -Michelle Pfeiffer
  • -Goldie Hawn
  • -Diane Keaton
  • -Chloe Grace Moretz
  • -Kristen Schaal
  • -Maya Rudolph
  • -Jennifer Lawrence
  • -Kate Hudson
  • -Rashida Jones
  • -Anne Hathaway
  • -Rebel Wilson
  • -Melissa McCarthy
  • -Jane Lynch
  • -Emma Stone
  • -Queen Latifah
  • -Lucille Ball
  • -Mary Tyler Moore
  • -Carrie Fisher
  • -Joan Rivers
  • -Lisa Lampanelli
  • -Shelly Long
  • -Elizabeth Banks
  • -Whoopi Goldberg
  • -Lisa Kudrow
  • -Margaret Cho
  • -Molly Shannon
  • (Not counting funny women writers, musicians, or other public figures. I mean, really people…)

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