The “Charlie Got Molested” episode of Always Sunny in Philadelphia may be my new favorite.

I have not found a funnier take on molestation…this pleases the darkness in me on so many levels. This is my new favorite show. I should be sleeping, but instead I have to see more of this.

Two more shifts to get through the work week. I did chores last night and tonight, but I haven’t written in two days.

I am going to hell for loving this show so much. Although Dee’s character is an angry feminist trope for our age, and I’m not sure how I feel about that. The abortion episode was fascinating. I miss doing W.E.L.L. work.

My romantic relationships has been a source of quiet stress lately. It’s on an upswing very recently.

I’m practicing sitting. I’m doing ok with it, but it’s exhausting to be so still.

I don’t know if the show gets better with season two, if it’s that I’m long past bedtime, or if it’s Danny DeVito cheering on stipper hall races, but this is the best ever.

I have to sleep. Omigod, I have to sleep…


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