Writing during the day is impossible.

I need the night. I must have cover of darkness to speak my mind. Also, people are fucking loud and inconsiderate. Not cool, people. Not cool. And now that I have the time and space and quiet to write, I am exhausted and can’t think about anything. My mind is just on eject mode.

Ian and I really played tonight. I mean, we’ve played before, but we really played tonight. He called me a Venus Flytrap. lol I get my Niki and Matt this weekend. I’m preparing for new cosplay shoots! Niki and I will be doing Han and Leia. I need shorts and a black vest…and a blaster. Milky Way will be Chewie.

Plans for CA in May are starting to settle down. It’s been too long since I’ve seen the Bug, not to mention her mother. Tasha won’t be home this time; she passed away last year. That dog followed me home when I was rollerblading in 7th grade. Another sign of my life peeling away like so many petals. I feel like I should listen to Stevie Nicks and feel all Fiona ala AHS Coven about it.

I am so tired. I can’t think. Damnit.

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