Rewatching Harry Potter and hoping my mind will slow down.

I am on movie 2, and in both The Sorcerer’s Stone and The Chamber of Secrets, Harry takes out his cloak on a forbidden adventure, and then dumps it whenever it’s convenient. You never see him go back, or pack it away, or anything. Do all his friends just keep finding it and returning it? Doesn’t anyone ever point out that it’s an insane crazy awesome object and he should keep track of his shit? How did he even get in back after the first film to use it with Ron in the second?

Tonight was a busy, high intensity night, and my mind won’t switch off. I had so much fun, and am deliciously sore and spent. Now I’m thinking in haikus and pondering plotlines for Colleen, Blake, and Darina. I was thinking writing might help. Not real writing, but mindless blog writing.

Although real writing has finally given way to a narrative arc. I have a memoir outlined, with three acts and a rising action to climax to denouement and everything. Like a real story, and not just a collection of my journals and nightmares. I’m excited, and feel like I finally have a direction.

These boys (Ron and Harry) are so lucky they have Hermione to save their collective asses. Even petrified, she’s the brains. Related: My spell check knows how to spell Hermione. I feel like that means JK Rowling wins at writing and life.

Since the meld has deepened, and I’ve grown more into my adult self, I’ve noticed that I might be an introvert. I still need to be social, and I adore my friends and family, but it’s so exhausting. Or maybe I’m depressed? How does one know if they’re introverted or depressed?

Being social tonight was good for me. It was good for me Monday, too. And it was good for me on Wednesday and Thursday. I’m trying to stay in touch more, and make plans so I’m outside nearly every day. It’s good, and fun, and I am enjoying it. But I’m so tired. I feel heavy and drained, like I want to just curl up with my audiobook and Civ 5 and just hide from the world.

I miss my Jared. When I go to NOLA, I’ll miss Matt. Traveling and being poly means I have many homes, but it also means I have many folks I miss. Good platform on which to exercise mindfulness and gratitude, I suppose…and/or a good reason to binge on ice cream.


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