Book Review: Mr Robert’s Bones by Gary Gautier

Reading Gary Gautier’s novel Mr. Robert’s Bones was like talking a stroll through the French Quarter with the author himself. It has an old school tone about it somehow, as it straddles the genre between young adult and fiction. Characters, dynamic and rounded, pass by through the heat waves of New Orleans summer, their stories blending in the mirage created just above the pavement. At times it took on a Dickens’ like tone, bringing characters like Sissy Jupe. There is enough reality and fact to make me believe the world, and enough fantasy to make me question, which is a difficult line to draw. The readers, who are addressed endearingly by our lovable narrator throughout the tale, are taken on a journey with Annie, Cedric, and Melissa as a historical mystery and a ghost are put to rest. As all good southern yarns do, a few detours weave in and out as you catch up with some folks you haven’t seen in a while, and stop for a drink down the way. The sounds of the city echo through the imagery that envelopes topics like racism, death, and family. At the end of the epilogue, I felt introspective, inspired, and eager for next adventure to begin. Read it, and pass it on. This is a fantastic novel for kids, adults, and anyone who loves New Orleans.

See some of the #linesIloved from this novel here.


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