There and back again: a Brittany tale.

I’m home in Denver. I mean that phrase in the sense that I usually mean it with New Orleans. I am still home in New Orleans, but now it seems like “home” in the sense that my Ma-Ma’s house was a “home” to me. It is, but it isn’t. I missed the cold. I missed my boyfriend. It was time to be back.

I had the best trip, guys. It was so damn awesome. I mean, some of it was meh, and some of it downright sucked, but it was good. It was good for my soul, it was good for my dynamic with Jared, it was good for my kink, it was good for my brain.

My gerbil is determined to dig a hole through the wall of her cardboard box maze, but it doesn’t seem to be working out for her.

There are lots of things to say about New Orleans. I got to see Maddie, and really spend time with her as a person. Jared and I took things to a whole new level in many ways, not the least of which was developing a working dynamic with his girlfriend. I haven’t felt so much hope for a future in a long time. I’m making long-term relationship plans again. I feel like this song applies all over again. Halloween was a whole story, or two, by itself. lol I learned a lot professionally, too. But those are writings for other days. I’m tired, and home, and Matt’s sleeping in my bedroom, waiting for me. Well, by now he’s been snoring for an hour, but the principle still stands. More writing soon.

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