Once Upon a Time (tipsy fiction freewrite)

Once upon a time, there lived a girl. She dreamed of a castle, far away, lit under the moon and sprayed with salt from the sea. At the foot of the cliff, before the stones stacked to turrets, stood a figure. The figure had fire burning under the hood of their cloak. It looked as if the being was flame itself. Rain started to pour down on the castle, but the fire burnt on. Thunder shouted, lighting split the sky, and the dream ended with a cold sweat and gasping for breath.

Turning to her bedside alarm, Cassidy saw that it was three minutes until her alarm sounded. She exhaled and flopped back onto her damp pillow. She felt clammy all over. Her sheet was twisted against her left foot, and her sleeping companion, Mr Fuzzy Face, a stuffed giraffe, was tossed off the bed. “Why couldn’t I just make it to the alarm?” Cassidy asked aloud to no one in particular. Unless Mr Fuzzy Face had developed the ability to hear.

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