My Partner Was My Future: Or How Disney Screwed Me Up

Bakersfield: Home of the Now

As a girl who grew up in 90s America, I and other women my age were treated to a delightfully weird mash-up of feminism and misogyny. We had Daria, Gwen Stefani’s “Just a Girl” and Buffy the Vampire Slayer subverting expectations of women: brainy, openly sexual, physically strong, pierced, pessimistic. At the same time, those women were often talked about in relation to whether not not they had a partner and we were demonizing women in media, including the Anita Hill and Monica Lewinsky stories. (Read a neat perspective about media coverage in the 90s here.)

I also grew up with Ariel, Jasmine and Belle, who wanted to be independent women and see the world…until a man came around. I’m so excited that Disney is finally making characters like Elsa and Judy Hopps, but I grew up with the idea that happily ever after with your prince was…

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